Our organization is comprised of dedicated business and community leaders who lend their time and expertise to help children have one week of “No Worries” each summer.

Board of Trustees

Kasey Massa, LCSW, CCLS, President
Jack Hall, Vice President
Pam Hall, Secretary
John Worley, Treasurer
Mary Jo Mazza, Vice President
Nick Rounds, Vice President
Norma Semple, Assistant Secretary

Advisory Board and Committee Members

Mike Zborowski, Camp Director and Operations (See Camp Operations)
Carolyn Carita , Fundraising and Marketing Chair (Cindy Hopkins, Monica King)
Cynthia Grob, Esq., Legal, Risk and Medical Chair  (Teri Norton, Mary Jo Mazza, Tony Gizzi, Jennifer Chuang, MD)

Camp Operations

Kasey Massa, LCSW, CCLS, Executive Director
Mike Zborowski, Camp Director
Adrienne Wydra, Assistant Director
Julie Salemno, Program Director
Jake Semple, Volunteer Director
Open Position, Lead Nurse
Susan Green, Camp Recruiter
William “Tre” Walker, CIT/LIT Director
Cindy Hopkins, IT Consultant