A Camp for Kids with Cancer

Upon first look at the campers who attend Camp No Worries, you would not think there is anything unique about them.  However, Camp No Worries campers are all children dealing with a diagnosis of cancer in some way.  They are patients, survivors, siblings or bereaved siblings ranging in ages from six to sixteen.  Camp No Worries strongly believes there is a therapeutic component of including brothers and sisters in the camping experience.  Therefore, we do not limit the number of siblings that attend, as long as they meet the minimal requirements.

Camp No Worries is a summer camp created solely to give children with cancer and their siblings an opportunity to relax, enjoy themselves and forget about their worries for one week every summer.

It’s a place that allows children facing a diagnosis of cancer to just be kids.  It’s a place of happiness, friendship and new adventures.  It’s a place of camaraderie and acceptance where everyone knows first–hand what it’s like to live with cancer.  And, it’s a true summer camp experience in every sense of the word.

Camp No Worries strives to:
  • Provide a safe, well-staffed environment where children can participate in average camp activities
  • Provide special medical expertise and close monitoring required for children with cancer not offered at an ordinary summer camp
  • Offer each child an opportunity to make friends with other children who share similar situations and experiences
  • Encourage each child to develop a positive attitude and self-image
  • Give children in all stages of their disease an opportunity to meet and learn from others who are in treatment and/or who have
    achieved remission
  • Make a camp experience financially feasible for a family who might not otherwise be able to afford it, and to provide respite for other family members while the child is at camp
  • Provide a positive away from home experience for child(ren) with parents being assured their children are safe thus lessening separation anxiety



Camp No Worries 2020

June 21- June 27, 2020…Mark your calendars!!


Camp Inawendiwin
71 Powell Place Road
Tabernacle, NJ 08088


  • Camp Activities
    Campers take part in traditional summer camp activities specifically designed to meet their individual needs, including arts and crafts, nature, land sports, boating, swimming and much more!
  • Attend Camp No Worries
    Our 2019 program will run from June 23 - June 29... Mark your calendars!
  • Leader-In-Training Program
    Our LIT program is designed for former campers who will be 17 years old at the time of camp, helping to plan events, learning how to be a leaders, and being exposed to the massive volunteer effort that goes into each week of camp.
  • Treatment Facilities
    Camp No Worries partners with the region’s top pediatric oncology treatment facilities.