Become a Counselor at Camp No Worries and help kids with cancer to just be kids!

Requirements for Full-Time Counselors

  • Must be at least 19 years of age
  • Must complete an application, including one letter of recommendation by a person who has witnessed the applicant’s interaction with children
  • Complete an interview with the Volunteer Director
  • Undergo a mandatory pre-camp orientation and training to become familiar with the physical, developmental and social aspects of working with children with cancer and their siblings in a summer camp setting
  • Complete and pass a criminal background check
  • Be in excellent health and have the stamina to withstand a demanding week in the heat and sun
  • Have No Worries!

What to Expect as a Cabin Counselors

As a Cabin Counselor, you are expected to provide for the safety and well-being of assigned campers and to assist with planned activities on a 24-hour basis during camp, all days when campers are on site.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Meet families as they arrive, accompany them to their cabin, and assist in the unpacking, storing of belongings, etc.
  • Provide campers and family members initial orientation to camp
  • See to the care and needs of assigned campers
  • Maintain safety and order of assigned campers
  • Accompany campers in their daily scheduled activities, making certain that they are appropriately attired and prepared to participate (i.e. with full water bottles, sunscreen sneakers, etc.)
  • Assist Camp No Worries program heads with and participate in all activities, whether assigned or not
  • Bring any health related problems to the attention of the camp nurse(s)
  • Bring to the attention of the lead counselor or Assistant Camp Director any concerns / problems related to the operation of camp or the well being of campers

Additional Requirements

Applicants must provide one letter of recommendation by a person who has witnessed their interaction with children. Counselors will receive pre-camp training and on-site orientations before the start of camp. Counselor/Staff training requires mandatory attendance. If any participant has NOT had the chicken pox vaccine and has been exposed to chicken pox within three weeks prior to the start of camp, they will not be able to participate. A criminal background check will be made on all counselors.

All counselors and staff will be responsible to sign a contract agreeing to these responsibilities, attend Mandatory staff training and will be required to participate in a Child Abuse Training program.  Staff and counselors will also be required to sign and abide by the CNW Code of Conduct.

Daily Schedule for Cabin Counselors

  • 7:15- wake up
  • 8:00- breakfast
  • 8:45- morning activities in 3 sessions
  • 12:15- lunch
  • 1:00- rest
  • 2:15- afternoon activities in 2 sessions
  • 4:30- cabin time
  • 5:30- dinner
  • 7:00- Evening all-camp activity!!


On-site housing is provided. All counselors share cabin space with campers. You will need to bring a sleeping bag or bedding (we provide thin mattresses) as well as your own towels and toiletries. All meals are provided and special accommodations can be made for dietary restrictions.

2020 Camp Counselors Registration Process

Camp registration, applications and associated forms have been automated through CampDoc, click on this link to begin the process.  To register you will need to provide your name, birth date and email address.  This CampDoc guide can help you through the process.